RC is an agentless solution that detects and stops known and unknown ransomware outbreaks, when malware has bypassed all your existing endpoint protection and other prevention or behavioral security tools. It doesn’t matter where the outbreak started, RC stops it.

We make sure that your organization, reputation and bottom line stay secure when all your other security solutions fail. Stop ransomware before it stops you!



Key Benefits



Instantly detect an ongoing ransomware outbreak

Quickly identify the user and the files that have been encrypted for an easy restore from backup

Immediately detect and identify the user and client which initiated the encryption and block any further encryption

AUTO Shutdown device, disable user in Active Directory, terminate a Citrix session or disable network devices


Stop the ransomware in its tracks by using our built-in scripts 

Automate your GDPR reporting

No network or performance overhead

SC Cleared engineers

cost of downtime calculator available

integration to almost any SIEM and Network Access ContROL (NAC) - CISCO, SPLUNK etc...


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