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In the 21st Century speed of communication and access to information is critical to success. Every organisation is now connected to the Internet and most have a Local Area Network (LAN) installed to improve internal communication, but what happens if your business has more than one site?

Organisations with multiple sites face particular problems when looking to connect them together via a WAN. As well as speed, security and uptime, scalability is also an important factor. The capability to quickly add or remove sites from your WAN can impact on customer service and profitability.

This is where MPLS can help.

Connecting multiple sites

An MPLS network is a collection of private circuits (Fibre, Radio, EFM, FTTC, ADSL, 3G) that connect multiple sites together. It enables organisations to take advantage of any-to-any IP connectivity as well as allowing multiple servers to communicate from multiple sites.

It delivers the following benefits:

  • Reduced costs – by centralising firewall and Internet provision
  • Faster – than a traditional Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Security – delivers greater security for data, making it ideal for those organisations that require enhanced network security
  • Quality of Service – speed-sensitive traffic like VoIP is given priority
  • Scalable – easy to add additional sites to your network
  • Monitoring – network can be proactively monitored 24/7 ensuring that it is always available

Secure connectivity

In conjunction with our partner, Metronet (UK), Yellowbus provide secure, uncontended, inter-site connectivity with flexible topologies and multiple options for access mechanisms. This offers:

  • Completely managed service
  • 24/7 monitoring and management
  • QoS implemented as standard
  • Multiple access technologies
  • Your company network easily accessible for remote offices and workers

Get in touch now for more information on how a Yellowbus MPLS network can help your organisation.


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