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Solving Joint Venture & Framework IT Challenges

In organisations, projects and initiatives, two or more companies working together can pool their resources, add together their skillsets, and multiply the benefits all round. As so much of business is now driven by technology & IT, including collaboration, scheduling and engineering, the companies in the joint venture must also work together digitally too.

However, shared IT involves jointly using applications, and jointly sharing, generating, and safeguarding data. It involves managing users from different organisations and ensuring that they have access to the resources they need to work together. It also often means finding a solution in which neither party “owns” the IT, so that both companies have the same level of control over the project, and neither has more responsibility than the other.

Fortunately, Yellowbus has the answer, as a leading managed technology partner with a proven track record in energy frameworks, Yellowbus offer a comprehensive, tailored-to-fit package that allows for collaboration between organisations in a joint venture partnership. Organisations can access the applications and data they need for the project, either jointly or individually, but always securely. Enabling them to share critical project data and business critical services across sites. All of which is professionally managed by Yellowbus in order to maintain flexibility, speed of workforce mobilisation and security between organisations whilst maximising efficiency.

Get in touch now for more information on how Yellowbus can streamline, deliver, secure and manage the IT for your joint venture or framework IT challenge.


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