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Local authorities and central government bodies face a unique set of problems with regard to their ICT investment. From security concerns through connectivity issues to data protection regulations government bodies need to take their responsibilities with ICT provision seriously.

This requires a level of expertise and product knowledge that will typically not be available internally. An external partner is required, but this needs to be one that understands the unique problems that the government sector faces and knows how best to overcome them.

Delivering a secure and reliable ICT platform

This is where Yellowbus can help. We have many years experience of working with public bodies and coupled with our expertise and product knowledge, this means we can offer a service that will deliver you the secure and reliable ICT platform you need.

This covers:

  • Security – from Cyber Essentials to the IT health check (ITHC) service, we can help you set up and maintain a secure and reliable IT platform that will be flexible enough to meet your needs going forward
  • Connectivity – we will ensure you meet the mandatory requirements of the Code of Connection (CoCo) that enable connection to the Government Secure Intranet (GSI)
  • Data protection – making sure you are compliant with EU data protection regulations can be a time consuming and onerous task if not approached in the right way. We understand what needs to be done and will guide you through the requirements to ensure compliance

Get in touch now to find out more about how Yellowbus can help government bodies with their ICT requirements.


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