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UK Hosted Backup and Disaster Recovery

Many organisations lack a comprehensive disaster recovery plan or the resources to deliver it. Often because perceptions of infrastructure are limited to physical equipment in the office. Limiting oneself to physical servers is an easy way to unplanned downtime that can result in not only a loss of data but also a loss of reputation.

No one ever wants to have to use their recovery system but it is a vital part in any business nonetheless, Yellowbus delivers the complete system, all hosted in our secure UK data centre.

We recover more than your data – we recover your business

  • Secure, UK based data centre
  • Unparalleled uptime
  • Over the phone and on-site technical support
  • Access your data anytime

Implementing a UK hosted backup and disaster recovery solution is simple, effective and necessary. It can be easy to justify not implementing a recovery solution with the thought that it will never happen to you, however if it does the damage to both your reputation and your finance can be shockingly high, we can help you to take an estimate of what your business stands to lose in the event of a critical failure.

Yellowbus offer a comprehensive project management service that handles every aspect of the project, from initial planning through to implementation and ongoing support.

Get in touch now for more information on how a UK hosted backup and disaster recovery solution can help your organisation.


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