Charity Event 2016

Author: Tom Swift

The time has come to announce the Yellowbus Big Charity Challenge for 2016!

We are a little worried about this one as we all had a bit of a year off last year owing to the gruelling nature of our previous rowing challenges.

It was originally jokingly suggested that we should just go for a gentle stroll this time which in any other company would have generated a quick laugh and that would have been that!

This being Yellowbus however, we can work with even the worst idea or situation and turn it into something great (or in this case extremely tiring). Consequently we found a gentle stroll through the Welsh valleys... And over some Welsh hills to...

This sounded pretty nice to me so I signed up.

It was at this point that the little details of the challenge started creeping out of the woodwork. For example:

Organising Staff Member: "The official name of the challenge is The Welsh 3000's Challenge"

Me: "Why's that?"

Organising Staff Member: "You go over all 15 mountains in Wales which is a climb of over 3000 feet in under 24 hours."

And this is obviously where the conversation ended.

So in short, we would love anyone who wants to join us for a little stroll in Wales to get in touch and all who want to keep up with what we are doing in preparation check out our Twitter or LinkedIn. We will, of course, always keep you updated via this blog!

Please try and help our charity of choice out by donating here!

Massive thanks for all your generosity and support from The Yellowbus Team

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