GDPR compliance via data encryption

Author: Mark Bowater

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There is one great reason why Deslock Full Disk Encryption is a must to stay compliant with your GDPR obligations.

Question: If you lost your laptop or had it stolen can someone extract all your data? Answer: Yes

Question: If you lost your laptop or had it stolen but it was furnished with Deslock Full Disk Encryption can someone extract all your data? Answer: No

So, the one good reason is this simple fix will protect the most common way of company data loss and breach. People generally are wary about using encryption as they think it is dangerous and you could lose critical data however with the advanced modern encryption methods that is now a thing of the past, Deslock uses robust and tested technology and is trusted by by the military, it is FIPS compliant, Co-Co 4.1 compliant and is trusted by 100 million users around the globe.

Protect your reputation, protect yourself from massive fines and protect your company trade secrets it is simple to deploy and you can even have central administration for large numbers of PC’s and laptops.

Are you worried about data leakage from USB storage, if not you should be! It is even easier to lose data through a USB stick. If all your devices were encrypted you would not need to worry about that eventuality.

Still unsure? Get your free trial license via the link below and our guys will help you install or uninstall as the case may be. 

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