GDPR - is there an easy solution?

Author: Mark Bowater

Q: Have you been inundated with information, blogs and webinars on GDPR? Dare I mention the word again?

A: Only if you have not removed your head from the sand it was buried in………..


I have been doing a little research into finding what is the common way in which a company could end up with a massive fine from ICO under the new GDPR regulation due to kick in on the 25th May 2018. Statistically the most common Data Breach is physical theft, that could be a laptop, PC or storage unit. So is the answer simple – “Get rid of them! And you have just eliminated the biggest risk”.


This is not a joke, and very feasible and is the answer to many other IT headaches that you could be suffering, but let’s stay focussed on GDPR. GDPR is all about protecting personal data well what better way than putting it all out of the way where you physically cannot get your hands on it, worked it out yet? Yes put it all in a cloud environment, you can even put your desktops in the cloud and in a few years it will all be this way and there is no avoiding how the future is shaping up. Cloud services are not “Pie in the Sky” (no pun). I can remember a time not too long ago when some industries were very wary of Cloud and deemed it a security risk – this mindset has long gone and the evidence behind that is the simple fact that Government and Banking institutions are now exploiting the added security of Cloud solutions.


I can give you a list as long as your arm on the benefits of going to the cloud but today I want to focus on removing some problems for you around GDPR and DR (Disaster Recovery).


If you are a business owner then I should not have to educate you on what Disaster Recovery means as you obviously have it in hand 100% as a responsible Director and know all the risks around that so I can now tell you that there is a ginormous difference between IT DR on premise to IT DR in the cloud. That difference is it is simpler to deploy in the cloud and that means less cost. It also increases recovery time and it is all about getting back to normal after a disaster and getting staff back to their core workload. The new technologies enabling ultra-fast SAN to SAN replication which is storage to storage for the less technical, this can be implemented across sites for a true DR experience.

If you would like to discuss any of these points further with me then drop me a line to

Click the link below to download a white paper on “Data Security in the UK” which has been written by one of our trusted Cloud suppliers with lots of content about GDPR (parallels), again if you have any questions about the white paper then email me with your questions.

Download the white paper on "data security in the uk"

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