Guest Blog: Is your online presence, present and correct?

Author: Rory Stokes

Recently I approached Monica to offer up her expertise on helping companies promote themselves in a competitive environment. Here is the fantastic insight that she returned to me:

Article by Monica Mwanje, March 2017

In the ever-growing digital landscape, there is an expectation for businesses to have an online presence. This can range from customers asking if you have an email address that they can contact you on, through to profiles across numerous online platforms.
As a consultant, I support organisations with their work opportunities. My involvement can range from: supporting them with their digital presence, or identifying tender opportunities, through to bid writing and bid management. Via this role I am in regular contact with buyers and suppliers.

On a number of occasions when I have asked buyers if they perform an online search when seeking out potential organisations to add to their supply chains, they have responded yes. This is often their first point of contact when starting their due diligence.
With regards to initial screening criteria, appearances can matter. “We performed a Google search, but it didn’t appear that the company had the services we required, so we moved onto the next one on the list.”

The last thing any supplier wants to hear is that they have missed an opportunity to pitch for some work, due to out of date website information, because the buyer didn’t think they could service the request. It’s too late to update your website after the cut has been made.
Some buyers may contact your business to check if you can support an opportunity but this is reliant upon them having some knowledge of your organisation and an inkling that you can help.

Thus it’s important to maintain communication and relationships, so that individuals within the buyer’s organisation know to include you on the shortlist.
So linking back to the title of this article; is your online presence present and correct? If it isn’t it could be costing you business.
Ask yourself the following question:

If a potential buyer was to browse your website in the next 5 minutes, are you confident that the key message, products and services accurately represent your business?

Your company’s website and social media channels are the digital shop windows that may help buyers decide if they should consider doing business with you.
It is important to regularly audit and check your online presence to make sure it reflects your business and that you are truly putting your best foot forward.
On that note, I am off to update my own company website and social media channels.

About the Author
Monica is an accomplished professional with over 13 years’ experience gained in highly regulated sectors; including civil nuclear and defence. A Chartered Chemical Engineer, she utilises her technical background to identify areas of opportunity for her clients. She has a proven track record of developing and implementing pragmatic business development strategies and plans for her clients.

As an independent consultant since 2015 Monica has successfully worked with organisations of all sizes (microbusiness through to multinational) that deliver: professional services, engineering and construction services and technical services. She has identified markets and routes to markets for her clients. Visit to find out more about her consultancy.

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