How important is your internet connection?

Author: Michael Ruck

how important is your internet connection?

Do you know what ramifications your business might have to face due to an internet connection outage? And what if your service provider cannot fix the problem immediately and you do not have a working connection for a couple of days? Can you calculate the losses to your business? And what about your clients, in front of whom you can lose credibility due to a delay in work or communication?
A reliable internet connection has become a necessity for businesses in today’s world. A lot of the operations have become automated and communication, both internal and external, is now done through email. A working internet connection has become an indispensable asset for all businesses regardless of their size or the industry they operate in.

Why is a reliable internet connection important for a business?

Have you ever thought about what might happen if your internet connection does not function properly for a day? You might imagine it as being a slow unproductive day at work, but unproductivity is the least of your worries. The other issues that businesses have to face if their internet connection dies are:

  • Loss of man-hours and going off schedule due to no connectivity
  • Issues with internal and external communication as emails cannot be sent or received
  • Deliveries and correspondence with clients get hindered
  • Cloud servers cannot be accessed which means that no files or documents can be accessed, uploaded, shared or transferred
  • Financial losses may occur as operations temporarily cease until the connectivity is restored 

Any business that sends and receives emails, orders online, banks online etc as part of their day to day operation is at risk of losing sales and customers due to a lack of connectivity.

How can you save your business from connectivity issues?

If you are an IT manager or a business owner, you will most definitely worry about the wasted man-hours and how the loss of connectivity might affect the company. After all, time is money, so a loss of man-hours will directly impact the business financially. However several options are available to help mitigate and reduce issues should your internet connection experience an outage.

Redundancy options that you could consider include ADSL, SDSL, FTTC, Radio, fibre and 4G and as you can imagine range greatly in cost. 

The first piece of information you will need is how you utilise your current connection and from their you can then look at which of the above options suit your needs and budget best.

As a quick example, if you utilise 100mb or less then a very cost effective option would be a 4G fail over solution. These can come with static IP's, buckets of data, are quick to implement and can be activated automatically should your primary connection fail saving you time, money and frustration.

As you can see getting your internet connection fail over right can be a cost effective way of ensuring business continuity however under estimating your needs could prove troublesome at the point of use.

Here at Yellowbus we have a dedicated team of professionals who can look at your current connection, analyse its utilisation and put forward a package that suits your needs, business and budget. It'll also be reviewed and tested on a regular basis to ensure that should you need to use it, it wont let you down.

If you value reliability and want high-speed connectivity for your business with efficient fail over options, for cost effective rates, then get in touch now and we'll discuss your options over a cup of coffee.

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