Minimise hardware, Maximise productivity

Author: Michael Ruck

MaximiseProductivity.pngIn today's ever changing business environment the need to react to demands is vital if your business is to succeed.

One of the most common issues we see in businesses we help is their unknown reliance on IT hardware and infrastructure and the issues around when it fails, when the company is trying to expand and limits are met or, when the business owner is spending valuable time trying to improve the IT systems under the premise that it'll save money in the long run.

In these instances the reality is far from the original intention and time is spent working out the best way to expand with the existing IT solutions and trying to implement IT solutions with little knowledge or understanding and then having to revisit it in 3 or 6 months time when issues arise or limits are met.

Hard as it may seem at the time, this really is the time to call in a professional and reliable IT solutions provider who can assess your needs, advise on the best way forward and then implement the solution is a secure and structured manner.

Whilst some providers may take this opportunity to usher in new hardware, increase server capabilities and roll out new desktops for power users, the question you should be asking yourself and what a good IT solutions provider should think about is, what kind of solution is going to help your business now, in 6 months time and more importantly allow for a smooth migration with the least disruption to staff and thus productivity.

Improving on premise hardware is one solution and this will indeed solve the immediate problem but as high speed internet connectivity is now widely available and users have multiple devices they could work on the most important question you should ask is, is now the time to move to the cloud? indeed you may ask yourself...what is the cloud?

As per the title of this blog, leveraging the power of the cloud is a way to minimize hardware and maximize productivity.

To put it simply, you can:

  • remove the need for on premise server hardware
  • reduce desktop refresh cycles
  • stop worrying about disaster recovery
  • improve security
  • allow new users to be mobilized quickly 
  • reduce management overheads
  • have suites of applications ready to go based on the users role in the company
  • provide access to business solutions and information quickly via any device in any location
  • allow business owners to concentrate on their business rather than working within the business
  • maximize productivity

If you're looking at the list and, this is what I need to really push my business forward but it sounds hard to achieve or there must be massive cost associated with it...think again.

Cloud solutions can be implemented quickly, efficiently and securely giving you all the benefits of the above and providing an attractive and predictive low monthly cost whilst also again, as the title suggests.....minimizing hardware and maximizing productivity.

So if you are running a business and would like an informal, honest and open discussion about how cloud solutions can help you please do give us a call on 01925 838386 or email one of our friendly advisers via

Alternatively if you are cloud savvy and would like to progress your thoughts a little more, why not download our free "how to choose a cloud provider" guide below.

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