Projects & Tasks, how do you manage them? (3 of 4)

Author: Michael Ruck

We’re almost there now as I’m reviewing this and one more solution. Just to recap, why are project management tools so important? Because if used correctly they can seriously empower you and your company to simply do more.

In this blog I’ll offer my thoughts and experiences with Basecamp3.

Basecamp 3
Basecamp 3 is the most recent version of the tool and it has a whole heap of improvements from Basecamp 2 that can, if used correctly, seriously improve the way that you work.

After my own experience and reading some other comments on various forums its clear that most issues are actually down to human error. Some say that it’s difficult to find information or that there are too many updates to keep up with, but both of these can be averted by a concentrated effort to keep the data as well organised and as up-to-date as possible.

Some of the good points are:
  • It has Todo’s which are great for managing tasks and assigning priorities
  • Message boards are great for sharing announcements, updates and key snippets of information
  • Campfires, basecamps answer to todoists twist system. Its great for casual chats and quick discussions. Used correctly campfires can replace other systems like slacks
  • Documents and files, these can be stored in projects, on tasks etc and it’s a great way to keep a project together however as you can pop documents in most options i.e. tasks, projects etc…you can sometimes lose track of documents.
  • Mobile app, it has a mobile app that pretty clean and is available on all the platforms
Some of the bad points:
  • Tracking time, if you want to capture how much time someone is spending on a project sadly this isn’t the tool for you
  • Tags, there aren’t any which can make it difficult to find things
  • Its cluttered, perhaps because its trying to show so much information it can make some of the interfaces look like a data bomb has gone off
  • It can be difficult to view where teams are up to across projects from a high level i.e. how much time is there left to do on this task or project?
In short, basecamp is a real solution for real problems and can, if used correctly, make project management much simpler however if you don’t get all the team members to buy in, its interface, rapid email updates from projects and tasks can leave people feeling like they are overwhelmed and thus don’t use the tool to its maximum potential and in turn reduce your return on investment.

These solutions are designs for a rapidly growing market of “work anywhere anytime” type companies. One of the easiest ways to facilitate this is to empower your users by providing them with hosted desktops and apps allowing them to login and get to work quickly and easily, from anywhere, at any time. In doing so your company wont need to have the large investment in hardware every couple of years to refresh aging servers and it also releases it from the shackles of rapid growth pains as a hosted desktop or app solution allows you to expand your workforce quickly with a known cost per head. Likewise if you expand for projects and need to contract when the project is done…a hosted desktop or app solution is the perfect way to manage this.

Get in touch with us now to see how a hosted desktop or app solution could help free your company from growth pains, data security, escalating hardware costs and time & resource consuming on site solutions.

Yellowbus Hyperdesk - test drive a smarter way of working

Yellowbus Hyperdesk - test drive a smarter way of working

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