Projects & Tasks, how do you manage them? (4 of 4)

Author: Michael Ruck

OK folks this is the last in my short list of project management tool reviews. I started this series of posts because I’ve been asked many times what I use and as I’ve personally used all of the solutions I’ve reviewed I found that in the end, its what product works best for your company, its structure and ethos. One products good points could be bad points to a company so I would advocate trying them for yourselves but please remember to not get over involved or too deep as I’ve seen several companies test a solution which has then be published to a wider audience and before they knew it, it was amazingly difficult to revert to a different product.

In this final post I’ll review Todoist.

Have I saved the best till last? Potentially as todoist is one of the top ranked productivity tools that help millions of people organise their life.

Todoist allows you to keep track of projects, tasks, goals all from a very simple, clean and intuitive interface. The solution synchronises across all your devices and hooks in to all of your favourite apps. Todoist provides peace of mind for people who need less chaos.

Todoist isn’t just a 1 trip pony either as its accompanied by Todoist Business and Twist.

Todoist business has the same intuitive interface and also offers accountability without off of the bureaucracy and works on every device your team can get their hands on.

Twist is a communication and collaboration tool for teams who desperately want a calmer, more productive and organised workspace. No group chats, no messy email threads, just a simple UI that does the job saving you time and frustration.

Its amazing easy to add projects, tasks, assign them, talk about them….quite simply, if your time is trying to work out how projects are getting on, reading email threads or sifting through updates to catch up on a project or you are struggling to simply gain visibility, todoist is a serious contender.

These solutions are designs for a rapidly growing market of “work anywhere anytime” type companies. One of the easiest ways to facilitate this is to empower your users by providing them with hosted desktops and apps allowing them to login and get to work quickly and easily, from anywhere, at any time. In doing so your company wont need to have the large investment in hardware every couple of years to refresh aging servers and it also releases it from the shackles of rapid growth pains as a hosted desktop or app solution allows you to expand your workforce quickly with a known cost per head. Likewise if you expand for projects and need to contract when the project is done…a hosted desktop or app solution is the perfect way to manage this.

Get in touch with us now to see how a hosted desktop or app solution could help free your company from growth pains, data security, escalating hardware costs and time & resource consuming on site solutions.

Yellowbus Hyperdesk - test drive a smarter way of working

Yellowbus Hyperdesk - test drive a smarter way of working

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