Securing your data with encryption

Author: Matthew Lowe

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Data protection and privacy are among the top concerns of both companies and individuals, while government agencies, like the European Union, are enforcing regulations that require businesses and organisations to implement security measures, including encryption, to protect the data of their users(GDPR).

A recent survey was conducted among businesses shows that 2 out of every 3 companies see a need for encryption as part of their standard endpoint security solutions.

With that also comes the risk of loss of data, whether it’s by malicious means or by accidental loss say a USB drive left unattended.
Now there are ways we can combat this and minimise the risk of moving data from one location to another, this usually come in the form of Encryption of a file, folder, CD, Hard Disk Drive or external USB drives.

This is where I introduce DESlock+Encryption Software. DESlock+ is a powerful tool with patented share-key management offering many encryption features. It includes web browser-based secured remote management, a mobile edition for iOS® and a portable client, DESlock+ Go, which allows secure data access on workstations without DESlock+ installed.

This software also enables you to send encrypted emails to non DesLock users using a predefined password communicated verbally.

This software can be managed centrally using an enterprise server which incorporates a Proxy server which Is used to manage mobile clients outside of your LAN.

Alternatively, if you are a small business with few employees, you can install a standalone version, which is just as good as the enterprise version bar a few management tools you get with the managed version.

Don't just take our word for it, why not try a free no obligation, no strings attached trial of DesLock.

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