Spreading the word about Cyber Security to minimise risk…

Author: Mark Bowater

I have produced a few posts/blogs recently with a big emphasis on cyber security and with a hope to educating business’s on how to not be a victim and as per my previous blogs this is very much based around education and a mind-set of being on your guard. I met up with Jennie Williams last week as she is heading up a campaign for the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, known as Titan. We have agreed to help Jennie spread the word about Cyber Crime and some fundamental things anyone can do to help improve their computer security. We are hoping to start a group knowledge share about cybercrime with an emphasis on trending risks to help companies reduce their downtime and reduce hours wasted due to this type of crime. 

The pro-active approach is by far the most effective and now is the time to allocate someone the job of sharing key information and reporting breaches (Data Protection Officer), this role is key for the new General Data Protection Regulation which will be coming into force soon see my article on GDPR here. I recently wrote a post on “Phishing” – all staff that have emails should be aware of this terminology to be safe on the corporate network. If anyone thinks they maybe at risk or had a recent security breach then please feel free to contact me  

  -  Mark Bowater. Director.

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