Staff Profile: Adam Ollier -  Head Of Technology and Security

Author: Tom Swift


We've had a few changes within the company recently, one of which is our brand new Head of Technology and Security! So while he was settling into his new role I decided to surprise him with a quick interview on his role and his amazing career progression within the company. As one of the rising stars within Yellowbus Adam is one of the best placed guys to give us a great view on how the company has progressed and where he sees it going in the future.

Q:  Hi Adam. First of all, congratulations on the new role as Head of Technology & Security. For any of our clients that don’t know you already, tell us a little about yourself? 

A:  Hi Folks, for those that don’t know much about me I have an avid interest in Football and also the Formula 1, I also like anything to do with four wheels in general. I started working for Yellowbus in September 2008 and come from Stockport or Marple to be specific so not very local, I recently purchased my first house so have been quite busy learning all things house related which for a complete novice in this area has been quite daunting at times.

Q:  How much has Yellowbus changed since you started? 

A:  Well when I started back in September 2008 the company had a large Development team and just a couple of engineers working on the IT side of things. As times have changed the pendulum has swung the opposite direction and the IT side of things is now in command. The company is expanding and has done since the first day I joined the team, gaining new members of staff and also expanding areas of the business to help keep up the great service that is on offer here at Yellowbus Solutions.

Q:  How has your ‘Normal Day’ changed over the past few years as we have moved to an MSP model?

A:  Since Yellowbus Solutions moved from the traditional ‘Break Fix’ IT moto over to the ‘MSP’ model it now provides more structure to the working day, as the team is now working proactively to keep clients systems online rather than reacting to problems with them as they arise.

Q:  How has the move to MSP affected the security of the company and our clients? 

A:  Good question, I guess you could say that the two go hand in hand. The main security benefits are those that the client doesn’t see. We constantly monitor threats from all our suppliers and will make sure that all available updates are pushed out to client machines as soon as we have tested and approved them. Previously a client would be expected to schedule in a time for us to implement all available updates for each machine. This would be costly and caused disruption to working environments. Consequently this was quite frequently overlooked by many clients. Now, we monitor and update silently to make sure all  staff have the latest and safest work stations possible. Obviously as far as server security goes we already managed this for most clients, but with much more advanced monitoring and a better structure within the company we can easily make sure that every piece of client kit is up to date and functioning securely.

Q:  Do you feel Yellowbus has helped you develop as a professional during your time here? 

A:  Yes, very much. Yellowbus have also given me the opportunity to choose my path forward and they then in turn make this all possible.

Q:  What do you think the best thing about working at Yellowbus is? 

A:  In my opinion the support that you get from the Directors of the company and also the staff is by far the greatest asset of the company, everyone is willing to help out each other no matter what it is.

Q:  Where do you want your Yellowbus career to take you? 

A:  Now this is a tough one to answer… where I currently am being where I wanted to be at when I joined Yellowbus all those many years ago. I guess it would be good to have a team under me working on the Security side of IT as this is an ever growing sector in the industry with great scope for expansion.

Q:  Well, thanks for taking the time to do this. As a final thought, what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about applying to Yellowbus? 

A:  Definitely do so. The prospects for growing a career in the IT industry are phenomenal and the help and support on offer is second to none. I started many years ago as a ‘Desktop Support Technician’ and now I am where I am in my new role of ‘Head of Technology & Security’, I guess the best piece of advice I could give to someone looking for a job is always give 100% and be prepared to go the extra mile for you colleagues.

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