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Author: Rory Stokes

As we announced a couple of weeks ago, we're having a few new starters join us as we extend our services into Cumbria! One of these new starters is Dom, who spent the week down here in Warrington with us. I managed to steal 10 minutes out of his busy schedule to make up this quick staff profile on him. Dom is one of the guys who will be based in Cumbria so getting the time with him is a rare treat!

Hi Dom, Congratulations on the new job! First of all can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’ve been working in IT for 10 years now. Over this time I’ve worked in a number of different industries, from Sales, Retail, Warehousing, Health Care and Nuclear. This experience gives me the grounding to walk into different situations giving advice and pushing through solutions. I enjoy working with clients and other members of the team, I’m very much a people person and feel this is one of my greatest assets. Having worked with IT users from different disciplines and with varying levels of skills, I’ve learned to translate IT jargon to the most inexperienced user. Having a good rapport with the user helps break barriers when frustration begins to set in. We all have to use IT on a regular basis, in our work and home life. I like to think that as an onsite IT engineer I’m making the working lives of the users a little easier.

What will be your day to day role in Yellowbus?

Working for Yellowbus will be very varied. I’ll be split between two locations in West Cumbria; Westlakes Science Park and the Sellafield Site. Working at Sellafield supporting around 400 users over 3 different companies will be a challenge but a rewarding one. I’ll also be supporting the entirety of Westlakes Science Park for their Internet Services. This will work as a week on, week off scenario, whereby I’ll be based at Westlakes one week and Sellafield the next. This will give me differing challenges day by day. Supporting the users at Sellafield will be dealing with everything from forgotten passwords to Server Installations. Supporting Westlakes Science Park will be dealing with Router Installation and Configuration as well as Fault Find and Fix on different pieces of networking equipment. The variety of the work is something I’m very excited about.

Now that you’ve been here for a couple of Weeks, what is your favourite thing about working for Yellowbus?

The team at Yellowbus are excellent. From the first day I was made to feel welcome. I’ve spoken to the entire team and can see some great qualities from all. What I like about Yellowbus is that they are willing to progress staff, taking younger members of the team and giving them opportunities and responsibilities which other companies I’ve worked for are not always willing to do. As the team are so tight and work well together, added with a culture of discussion and learning, anyone working for Yellowbus will find themselves with the opportunity for progression. I also like that I can pick up the phone or email either my Manager or Director and discuss the job at hand, there’s always backup available if you’re struggling to complete a task. As I’m based 150 miles from the Yellowbus main office this is a great way of making sure I'm still part of the team. Additionally I love the proactive approach Yellowbus has taken, quite often in an IT environment an engineer can become a firefighter trying to correct multiple problems at one time. Yellowbus are aware of this and try to foresee upcoming problems and put a solution in place before the problem occurs, this gives the engineers an opportunity to spend more time on the “big picture” rather than getting bogged down with multiple smaller issues on a regular basis.

Where would you like your career at Yellowbus to take you?

At this time I’m looking forward to getting the next few months under my belt and progressing the relationship between Yellowbus and the users at both Sellafield and Westlakes Science Park. Going forward I’d like to lead a team of engineers with the same ethos as Yellowbus already holds. I feel that Yellowbus can make further strides in West Cumbria as they are so keen to gain further work in the Nuclear Industry, I would like to be as big a part of this as possible.

Thanks for sitting down to do this with me Dom, as a final thought what advice would you give to someone considering a career at Yellowbus?

Simply put, just go for it. The team are great, the management are focused on getting the best out of the team and the directors know where they want the company to be and are making strives to reach their goals. I would mention that if you are interested in a specific area within the IT industry let the team at Yellowbus know. As the training is very good and the team are so varied with their skill set you will have the opportunity to progress within the given field.

The site up in Cumbria is now fully up and running and we want to bring our unique set of services to the area, if you think we can help you then give us a call on 01925 838386

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