Staff Profile: James Rooney

Author: Tom Swift

While we have employed a lot of new staff recently we have also had a massive success with home grown talent! Our most recent IT apprentice has taken up his role as IT Support Engineer! James’ drive and customer service have impressed all year and he has become a massive asset to the IT Team in Warrington.

Hi James, Congratulations on becoming a fully qualified IT Support Engineer! First of all can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Just over a year ago I started my journey into the IT industry and I have not looked back ever since. After a short career in the construction industry I needed something that was more challenging, exciting and rewarding which this career gives me and more. Over the course of year, I have built up a skill set to tackle a wide range of problems and have become a more versatile person in the way I work. I’m now excited to increase my skill set further to push myself. I love anything that is a challenge and thrive under pressure which coincides with my active lifestyle. I love rugby or any sport and often seek for a challenge to either try something new or something difficult. My approachable and friendly personality makes me easy to talk to and get along with.

What does your day to day role at Yellowbus entail? 

My role here is to be a IT support engineer. This entails always working hard to troubleshoot and fix issues that clients may have. Day to day tasks at Yellowbus vary every day. It could be anything from the set up and installations of routers or other equipment to a simple password reset. Whilst doing work in the back ground to ensure that systems are running smoothly and are functioning as they should be. My overall role at Yellowbus is to take IT frustrations away from clients, troubleshoot the problems, then find working solutions. This is what I strive to achieve every day whilst having a great rapport with clients to relieve IT frustrations.

Now that you’ve been here for a little while, what is your favourite thing about working for Yellowbus? 

What I love the most about Yellowbus is knowing when I come into work there is always something different every day. It makes the job feel fresh, over other jobs. In addition, I love problem solving the satisfaction when you have finished a difficult Job, as this gives you a sense of pride knowing that you have helped someone out with a problem.

Where would you like your career at Yellowbus to take you?

Since I joined over a year ago, the company has expanded, we now have an office in Cumbria and we are taking on new and bigger projects regularly. My aim at Yellowbus is to grow with the company. By increasing my skill range and knowledge, I want to work with the team to help grow the company further.

Thanks for sitting down to do this with me James, as a final thought what advice would you give to someone considering an apprenticeship at Yellowbus?

Like anything in life, you will only get out what you put in. The great thing about Yellowbus is when you put in 100% you get 100% back. Everyone who works here are great people who are always willing to put time into you to help development. So, if you have the drive and passion, then go for it it's something you wouldn't regret.

As always we will be looking to improve with new apprentice opportunities, if you think we can help you develop your career then give us a call on 01925 838386


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