Staff Profile: Matt Lowe - IT Technician

Author: Tom Swift

Hello again, Tom here, recently I sat down with our experienced IT Technician Matt and had a quick chat about life at Yellowbus and how he had seen it change over his time here:

Hi Matt. Most of our clients will know you already, but for the rest of us, how about a quick introduction?

Well I am a 42 year IT technician born in the Warrington Area and currently living in Widnes, I like riding Motorbikes, Bicycles and Horses. I would say I was a down to earth guy who will talk to pretty much anyone as long as it’s not about politics or religion. In my spare time am learning to play the Piano, so you can say I like to learn new things and new experiences.

How much has Yellowbus changed since you started?

I started working for Yellowbus in November 2010 and since then a lot has changed in the way the company operates and its goals.

How has your ‘Normal Day’ changed over the past few years as we have moved to an MSP model?

My days since the MSP model has been brought in have become varied and interesting from the small issues of a problem with a piece of software to large scale rollouts and supporting 100s of users

How have you found the training and development that you have received while at Yellowbus?

The training is mainly self-reliant but we are encouraged to learn and study new technologies so we can keep up with the current IT trends and prospects.

What do you think the best thing about working at Yellowbus is?

The atmosphere at Yellowbus is one of the best things, this encompasses the Teamwork in solving major or minor issues, and the camaraderie in the office which makes for a healthy and fun environment to be in

Where do you want your Yellowbus career to take you?

Ultimately I would like to head up or joint run a specialist dept. within the servers and virtualisation field.

Well, thanks for taking the time to do this. As a final thought, what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about applying to Yellowbus?

Be a people person, and be yourself.

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