The dark side of social media

Author: Adam Ollier

Nearly everyone uses some form of social media these days, whether it be twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook for example. But is everyone aware of what information is viewable about them out there on the Internet.


Do you actively check your security settings across all social media platforms to make sure your personal information is hidden from the prying eye.

Security and privacy go hand in hand, if you don’t want people poking around in your business keep it private.

You would be amazed at what you can find out about a person just from a quick Google and what resources come up from social media platforms. Whether it be a burglar or criminal mastermind after your belongings from home, or a hacker after information on how to infiltrate the company you work for. We can all take suitable steps to avoid this by regularly checking our social media platform security and privacy settings.

A perfect example of this, you should never announce that you are going on holiday to the world on social media. Whilst posting a picture of you getting on a plane is great for your friends and family to see, it also tells the rest of the world that your house is empty for the next few days at least, nobody is likely to report your car going missing from the drive etc. It’s all about the degrees of separation, so if your social media platform is set to publish for Friends and Friends of Friends to see and share then you can imagine the snowball effect this has around the world.

The majority of infiltration into a company will begin with some form of snooping around on social media and gathering intelligence on employees to find the week links in the defence.

We put ourselves out there on social media to share with friends and family, but what we don't realise are the consequences of doing so in an unsecured manner. Just remember you may not want the world to know what you’re doing, don't give them an easy way in.

Stay safe, secure and private whilst using social media.

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