The Importance of Data Recovery in an ever increasing Digital World!

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The Importance of Data Recovery in an ever increasing Digital World! And How Datto can help you.

Being able to restore your critical business applications and data within minutes instead of hours or even days, this is achieved not by Tape but through backing up of your servers through imaging, so creating a VHD of your physical servers and storing them on platforms both on premise and also in a data centre for offsite storage.

The ability for Dave to put in a request to IT Support that he needs a file restoring from 30 minutes ago as he just deleted it, no problem this can be achieved through mounting a restore point of the server or PC and browsing to the file in question and then restoring it back so Dave now has access to the file.

All this is happening in the background without users knowledge via Image based backup technology which takes a complete picture of the protected endpoint whether that be a server or a PC. It harnesses a technology of Inverse Chain which was developed by Datto, this moves away from requiring the complete backup chain to restore the data to a flexible backup solution, able to look and restore any point in time without the need for the whole chain.

TRADITIONAL BACKUPS create multiple backup files for each server. These files are logically dependent upon each other, creating a "dependency chain". Removing parts of the chain is taxing if not impossible, putting backup data at continuous risk.”

DATTO "INVERSE CHAIN TECHNOLOGY" leverages integrated advanced file system versioning to facilitate dependency-free "views" of the backup data. Every recovery point in a fully constructed state and any one can be deleted without resetting a chain.”

Being able to simultaneously mount different points in time for direct comparison and see all files broken down in very easy to navigate tree structure. The reason Datto is so quick to provide you with this information is by each and every backup or image is always in a fully constructed state thanks to the Inverse Chain technology and advanced storage technology. Moving through the backup is seamless and simple, where other solution maybe cumbersome due full and incremental chains being required.

Yellowbus have created an awesome tool that can help you calculate the cost of downtime, take a look here

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