Top 3 Reasons Disaster Recovery is Imperative for Every Business

Author: Jacob Glover

No one wants to experience a data centre outage, it can take a business completely offline for a significant amount of time, and not only lose you money, but also lose you credibility in the eyes of your clients, even more so if important data is lost as a consequence of the outage. Implementing a disaster recovery plan can help mitigate this, and here are the 3 best reasons to consider disaster recovery.

1. Everything Has a Life cycle!

While companies and manufacturers have developed innovative and fantastic new approaches to maximise the resilience of technology, nothing lasts forever!

As we all know too well, hardware can sometimes unfortunately fail, no technology is fool proof or invincible, it’s bound to have issues here or there. While it can be costly for a business to try to to eliminate any single point of failure within it's IT infrastructure, it is really the only way you can be sure that an issue such as hardware failure will not have such a devastating impact on regular services or result in the dreaded phenomenon of DATA LOSS!! 

To prevent such a risk, the best thing to do is to back up your data regularly, preferably with a trusted and highly secure managed hosting provider. The way I see it, when thinking about disaster recovery, think about disaster prevention.. You might not be able to prevent a faulty motherboard, however if you have contingencies in place, that prevent the disaster from having such negative implications, you will reduce the effect it has on your company. Therefore bouncing back to "business as usual" as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

2. Everyone Makes Mistakes!

Human Error is possibly one of the largest contributors to business critical issues that there is! It is also one of the hardest types of threats to prevent because we all have off days and make mistakes. You would think, as a company you cant possibly put things in place to prevent a human error type scenario.. right? Wrong. As a company, it is extremely important to ensure that your business critical data is regularly backed up.

Doing so lets you restore your systems to a a period of time prior to the error. As much as we would like to believe, us humans are not perfect, it only takes a brief moment of absent mindedness to overlook an important step in a process or accidentally press that delete button without realising! We've all been there.. Making sure you a have quality control process in place is your best bet. Having an online backup solution can be as equally important for those moments when the quality control can fail. 

3. Nature is Unpredictable!

At some point we have all been witness to what can happen when Mother Nature strikes, when she does, its often very unpredictable! How can you possibly protect against something that you don't even know is coming? 

Businesses that don’t have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place find out the hard way, just how devastating natural disasters can be. The answer isn't to batten down the hatches and turn your office into a nuclear bunker, yes that would be pretty cool... but save yourself the expense and invest in a sturdy and secure backup/recovery solution that can decrease downtime, irradiate devastating impacts such as data loss and can be relied on 24/7, 365 days a year should the need arise. 

Every company is open to attack from any form of threat to business functions, be it malicious, accidental, natural or hardware related. The only true form of defence is to look at your own companies contingencies and ask yourself, what would happen if something like that happened in my business? If the answer is anything other than "very little" then I would strongly recommended sourcing a reliable and secure disaster recovery solution.

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