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As a Managed Services Provider, Yellowbus works with customers to select the best services to support their IT and make it secure. We make it our business to know the difference between a trend and solutions worth adopting.

For companies that want to leverage the power and benefits of the cloud, we have 2 recommended solutions based on your business needs, security requirements and budget.

In this post I'm going to focus on Microsoft Azure, one of the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective methods for data storage, virtualization and IT infrastructure.

Azure offers a wide range of support. I don't just mean technical or billing support when you need it. IT support comes in the form of automatic patches, security updates, and upgrades. For running workloads, Azure supports the broadest number of cloud solutions, operating systems, software, development languages, and devices.

Azure integrates with existing Microsoft licenses, SQL servers, and SharePoint. It also supports different OS, development languages, frameworks and third party technologies.

How these solutions are delivered is where we do our best work. Building the right cloud solution for your business is how you get the most out of the cloud at the best cost, with the least hassle.

Whether you are beginning your move to the cloud or building out an existing solution, we’ll tell you if we think Azure is the best foundation for your custom cloud solution.

A lot of customers worry about compliance, but Azure offers guidelines for compliance by service, location, and industry. No matter what Azure option you choose, there’s help.

Whats the cost? Since Azure is a cloud, you pay for what you’re using and can use more or less. It’s important to work with a professional if you’re looking to build the most cost-efficient model for your business, as some workloads may be more expensive than others.

The ability to research, right-size, ultimately build a secure, efficient and cost-conscious infrastructure makes this a worthwhile move for many—especially when compared to the maintenance and service costs of running infrastructure on-premises.

Some clients worry that switching to Azure will mean moving everything they have and stop their search there. Not only is this untrue, but it misses the opportunity to explore the different Azure options for storage, infrastructure, and deployment. Plus, it’s a missed opportunity to develop better disaster recovery and preparedness.

In my next post we’ll start thinking ahead with Azure and look at two forms of Azure that help customers understand what they’re looking for.

Until then, if you have any questions regarding what the Azure cloud can offer and how it could help you focus on your business, please get in touch with one of our team on 01925 838386 who will be happy to discuss your thoughts and queries over an informal cup of coffee.

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