Yellowbus launch IT & Application ‘workspace’ solution to support challenges within the Nuclear & Joint venture space.

Author: Mike Douglass



Yellowbus Solutions Ltd have announced a partnership with AppsAnywhere...

Yellowbus have a strong background within delivering IT, Cloud and Connectivity solutions to solve challenges within the Nuclear, Engineering and Joint venture space. AppsAnywhere’s technology allows IT and software applications to be presented securely and ‘intelligently’ from a single portal, on any device.

The Nuclear sector often face challenges when looking to deploy software, licences and services to users securely. This challenge is amplified within a joint venture when multiple Tier 2 partners are involved, many IT departments and often Sellafield.

Yellowbus, having a track record in the sector, a secure UK-based IT platform and SC cleared engineers, means that implementing the AppsAnywhere technology within the Yellowbus portfolio has improved user experience. This collaboration allows Yellowbus to design, deploy and support IT, software & user services with higher security, simplified user experience and highly reduced mobilisation time.

I have been working with Nuclear joint ventures for many years now and often see the same challenges over and over. The main challenges being around speed of deploying teams, communication challenges and security.

Over the last 10 years we have focused on building an IT & Support offering to improve the IT and Technology experience in the space.

I am really excited about the partnership with AppsAnywhere – With our combined experience and technology, the ‘Yellowbus Workspace’ will allow Joint ventures and Nuclear companies to streamline the way they work, rapidly increase deployment times, improve team productivity and all while maintaining the highest levels of security”

Mike Douglass – Yellowbus Commercial Director

We see organisations in these industries facing the same challenges across the globe: how to deliver all enterprise software in a consistent and secure way, to any device. Coupling those challenges with the need to improve mobility and ease the burden on IT, AppsAnywhere’s any application, anywhere, anytime solution is a great fit in this space!

Nick Johnson - AppsAnywhere CEO

Arrange a demo for the yellowbus hyperdesk - a smarter way to work

Yellowbus Hyperdesk - test drive a smarter way of working

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