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Fibre Connectivity

Your Internet connection is a vital part of your business impacting on every aspect of your day-to-day operations from e-mail communications to e-commerce sales. Consequently, it needs to be able to cope with your requirements to ensure uninterrupted business activity.

Many organisations still depend on an ADSL broadband connection for their Internet access and whilst this is fine for smaller businesses and infrequent access, it will not be able to cope as your requirements increase. Problems like bandwidth (the speed of the connection) as well as contention (having to share your line with other users) will cause problems and ultimately affect your productivity and profitability.

A dedicated fibre leased line will overcome this.

Permanent and high-speed connection

A dedicated fibre leased line provides a permanent and high-speed connection from your premises directly to the Internet. Internet bandwidth on a leased line travels at the same speed in both directions and is a direct service as bandwidth is uncontended: on a 1:1 basis.

Yellowbus can provide business grade lines that deliver guaranteed, dedicated and symmetrical bandwidth and offer:

  • Faster communication
  • Fixed costs
  • Reliability and guaranteed access speeds
  • A low cost national network

Dedicated fibre lines

In conjunction with our partner, Metronet (UK), Yellowbus can offer dedicated bandwidth fibre connections between fixed points to ensure that the speed of your Internet, data or telephony traffic matches your business requirements. These deliver:

  • 1:1 contention – a private, dedicated circuit for your organisation
  • Full, symmetrical guaranteed bandwidth
  • Speeds for 1Mbps to 10Gbps
  • No usage limits
  • 24/7 customer support and network monitoring

Get in touch now for more information on how a Yellowbus fibre leased line can help your organisation.


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