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Author: Michael Ruck

Aside from all of the normal day to day challenges a business has in running and expanding, Cumbrian businesses have additional issues which most businesses take for granted...that is the need for a fast and robust internet connection.

The geography of Cumbria doesn't really lend itself to standard connectivity, ADSL normally runs at around 1mb and if FTTC is available the chances are the speed will only be around 10mb. Whilst fibre is available its a very costly option.

Lets take a minute and look at some example roles within a company and see why a high speed internet connection is so important.

Robert is a busy account manager and his core function is to create quotes, answer queries and process orders. As Robert receives inquiries and orders from clients via email and the companies web site a reliable internet connection will help:

  • Ensure he gets inquiries and orders promptly 
  • Allow him to communicate quickly and efficiently with clients using email, VoIP and video conferencing
  • Look up supplier pricing to ensure the client gets the best product at the best price
  • Process the order quickly and efficiently maximizing his time
  • Without a fast internet connection Robert could potentially miss out on an order if emails were delayed and he wasn't able to quote in time

Linda works in the finance department and her core role is to ensure company accounts are up to date, manage supplier payments and credit control. Linda's role needs a fast connection to allow her to:

  • Keep on top of the company finances via the banks online portal
  • Process online payments for suppliers
  • Email statements to clients and answer finance queries
  • Without a robust connection Linda could miss a payment date for an important supplier or not be able to resolve client payments issues quickly, frustrating Linda and more importantly frustrating the client

Frank is the business owner and aside from ensuring his staff like Robert and Linda are working to the best of their abilities and getting the most from their time in the office, Frank also needs to look ahead and plan for the future. This is done via online research, watching webinars and using online tools for project management, marketing and other business operations...all of which demand a robust internet connection.

When we opened an office in Cumbria we realised how acute the problem was and our response was to help bring a new connectivity option to the businesses of Cumbria and we invested in a total overhaul of the connectivity solution at Westlakes Science and Technology Park and with the help of the British Energy Coast and Copeland Borough council, we are in the process of rolling out a wireless solution to the local area whilst also looking for other business communities which would benefit from our unique approach to this fundamental issue.

So, if you are a business in Cumbria and suffer from poor connectivity, now is the time to give our connectivity team a call to see how we can help.

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