Staff Profile: Jacob Glover - Account Manager

Author: Tom Swift

Recently I sat down with our new Account Manager Jacob and had a quick chat about life at Yellowbus and what he thought he could bring to the team:

Hi Jacob, firstly congratulations on your new role within Yellowbus, can you kick things off by introducing yourself?

Thank you! I’m excited to get started! I began to steer down the path of IT through developing an interest in High School. I then decided to progress this further into my A levels by studying IT at college. After which I applied for a position as an apprentice at Yellowbus Solutions Ltd. It was during the first year at Yellowbus as an IT support technician that I gained multiple IT related qualifications such as a Level 3 in IT systems and Networking. Alongside my level 3 I also completed several Microsoft courses and adopted the status of a Microsoft certified professional.

So what influenced you to join Yellowbus?

After college, I realised that the IT sector was something that I had a strong interest in and something that I wanted to throw myself into. The IT sector is a growing and ever evolving industry, with a passion for technology and an interest in the sector, I could definitely see myself playing my part within it. I chose Yellowbus Solutions specifically due to their diverse skillset and the range of services that they provide. This I believe was the perfect place to gain a great foundation for a career in the IT industry as I knew I would gain a wide range of skills.

How has your ‘Normal Day’ changed in your new role and what does it now entail?

My previous role was quite different to my new role. As an account manager, my general day consists of contacting and looking after our existing client base in order to assure them somebody is always there should any needs arise. In addition to this, in an average day I work on sending out proposals to potential or existing customers, follow up on proposals and deal with any incoming enquiries regarding the services we offer at Yellowbus. On the flip side, my days are never empty, I still maintain my presence within the IT support team by offering advice and guidance when answering incoming support calls. In terms of a daily structure,  as with many roles, my mornings generally start with going through my emails, getting back to clients and looking at some of our automated reports to verify that all of our processes/backups have run successfully.  Once I’m comfortable that there is nothing that needs my attention, I can start preparing for my calls with clients. I check my schedule to see if any meetings are booked in for the day after which, what I do on a daily basis can differ dramatically.

How have you found the training and development that you have received while at Yellowbus?

The training I have received at Yellowbus has been second to none, having started my career with a general knowledge of IT through college studies, I was able to build upon this quickly with a very welcoming and knowledgeable team who helped to build my skillset in a variety of fields, from security and data protection procedures to networking and general troubleshooting. I am now beginning further training which will help to give me further insight into all aspects of the business from sales, to customer services to accounts/invoicing and general business administration.

I hope to progress my skillset further by completing training courses and gaining more nationally recognised qualifications that Yellowbus Support you to gain.

What do you think the best thing about working at Yellowbus is?

I think with Yellowbus,  the best thing about working here, in addition to all the opportunities that are given to you, is the people! The team are great and no matter what issue you may come across there is always somebody who can offer their range of skills and knowledge. For me during my first year in a new company this was something that I really appreciated as it can be quite daunting.  The management team here at Yellowbus are more than supportive when it comes to the majority of things you perhaps wouldn’t be supported to do in other companies. I myself am currently in the Royal Marine Reserves, this is a military reserve force that some companies would be a bit apprehensive about letting employees take part in due to the commitment involved. Amazingly I found that Yellowbus supported me through this even though it resulted in a bit of extra time off. Yellowbus facilitated my decision to Join the royal marine reserves. In relation to this I found that in all aspects of working at Yellowbus, if you have an issue, an idea or a concern, the management team are more than willing to listen and provide the best solution for you.

Where do you want your Yellowbus career to take you?

I have already vastly improved upon and developed many skills over the last 13 months at Yellowbus solutions. I find that it’s an amazing place to gain a large variety of knowledge in your chosen field . I now wish to continue to develop these skills further, with the addition of also expanding my expertise in a  different role. This is something that Yellowbus are supporting me to do.

Where do you want to achieve in your new role?

Not only do I wish to achieve great results here at Yellowbus, I also wish to achieve even better levels of confidence in dealing with customers, boost my interpersonal skills and also gain some great qualifications that will help me to form a great career within the company.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about applying to Yellowbus?

Yellowbus are a great company to work for, it’s a relaxed environment with a great reward system for those who provide high rates of productivity, Working at Yellowbus  I often find myself coming across  new challenges daily and the feeling of satisfaction when I overcome these challenges is fantastic. This alongside a supportive and knowledgeable management/IT team makes this place an ideal company to work for. Anybody who is looking to gain a diverse range of skills, expand on current skills or gain great qualifications would love working for Yellowbus Solutions.

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