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ESR Technology Ltd

“Yellowbus rose to all the challenges and were always easy to work with. We were up and running ahead of our deadline with a much better system and minimal disruption to our business. We know we presented Yellowbus with a difficult challenge on very tight time scales and we have been very impressed with the way they handled it.”

Neil Ketchell – Technical Director

DBD Nuclear Ltd

“IT manager is only part of my role, so I was looking for someone who could take this task off me and deliver the service without any issues. They sorted the whole process quickly and efficiently enabling us to move in on time”.

IT Manager – DBD

MAG:NET Solutions Ltd

“Yellowbus is our one-stop partner for all IT matters and their expertise in security and support have played a key role in our success.”

Tracey Cawdrey – Head of IT

ACTUS & BEP Delivery Team Joint Ventures

“The support contract has been excellent for our needs, it provides everything we require and the instant response we get to any issue we raise gives me full confidence in Yellowbus’ ability to solve any IT problem we may have”

Jeff Haydock – Facilities Manager

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Does GDPR affect your staff?

“Business owners and Directors are duty bound to ensure employees are made aware of the new GDPR and how it affects them. We have to look at this with a “common sense approach”, check what data you have relating your staff and if it has some value or need to do with them working for you then it is fine, however if it has no purpose then get rid of it.  Would they consent to you having that data? If so it is probably fine and a great quick rule of thumb.  Data can come in many forms and just to throw a few examples in that you might not be aware of over and above the standard, then think about CCTV, telephone recordings  and paper documentation which are all valid types of data.  Start thinking about changing Company Handbooks and Employment Contracts which will probably align with the old Data Protection Act of  1998.  Do you monitor emails or devices if so then add it to your employment contract thus gaining consent. Get informed and stay legal.”

Mark Bowater, Operations Director

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“GDPR, It’s a regulation that all companies must comply with as of May 2018, it’s not just an EU regulation that we don’t have to comply with now we are going through BREXIT. You can’t avoid the new regulation so let us help by making a plan to work towards GDPR compliance.”

Adam Ollier, Network Manager & GDPR Practitioner