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Telecoms For Business

The expectation of instant communication is something all businesses have to face. This means that customers, suppliers and partners need to be able to get hold of your staff wherever they are, sometimes at out-of-office hours. Such an expectation places great strains on your telephony system, particularly if it is a traditional non-hosted solution.

A hosted telephony solution will let you dispense with a physical system (and the associated cost of maintenance) in favour of a simple-to-use system that can cope with all the changes that the 21st Century will throw at your organisation.

Easy-to-use complete communications solution

Yellowbus provides hosted telecoms solutions based on Horizon technology. This can combine handsets from several manufacturers to deliver a fully managed service that will give you:

  • Reduced costs
  • More efficient call handling
  • Increased employee productivity
  • A reliable and proven future-proofed service
  • Fixed and mobile integration

With a minimal upfront cost required it delivers an easy-to-use, complete communications service for your organisation.

Maximise employee productivity and improve customer service

Yellowbus has many years experience of designing, implementing and supporting hosted telecoms solutions for all types and size of organisation. This enables us to offer a complete portfolio of services that will enable you to move seamlessly from your existing PBX system to a hosted platform.

Accessed through an easy-to-use Web portal, it will take away the burden of managing your phone system enabling employees to manage their calls easily and effectively – maximising their productivity and improving customer service.

Get in touch now for more information on how a hosted telephony solution from Yellowbus can help your organisation.


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